Custom Made Carpets

You are free to choose your own colors, shape and size of carpets, and are not bound to purchase mass produced carpets. We are a skilled team of crafts persons and quality control people to ensure that your customized carpet is according to your requirement and reaches to you on time.

You may customize your carpet on following criteria

1.       Carpet category: Different categories of carpets give us different feel and appearance and fulfills different requirement. Hand knotted carpet made by wool and silk comes first, when we talk about luxury and comforts feel. Hand woven durries are most durable products and gives an antique look to your surroundings. Hand tufted carpets take less time, so if you are in hurry then this is the best option.

2.       Colors: Colors bring vivacity to our life though it could mean anything else to you and you are free to select your colors.

3.       Designs: You may browse through the different designs available on our website before making your own decision to choose your design and may give your own design so that we can convert it into warp and weft.

4.       Size and Shape: Size and shape of your carpet depend on the place; you are going to lay your carpets. We can produce carpets of a wide range in size and shape.

5.       Exclusiveness: We ensure exclusiveness of designs and other product specifications of carpets to our customers.