March 29, 2014
World of Carpets


Carpets are not just a thick fabric to lie on floor it is more than that it brings the interior of a room in harmony. Carpets are very important from different perspectives, it is used to insulate the room from extreme weathers outside as well as it increases the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Every handmade carpet carries a different story with it and we deliver that story to you along with the carpet. People involved in carpet making carry with them the age old tradition and personify all their skills and art in an interlaced fabric.

Carpets can bridge the gap between age old tradition and the new ever changing world. Art of hand knotting is carried to as family patronized craft which survived due to support of family. Hand tufting is an introduction of mechanization to age old craft to make it speedy without compromising the appearance of the carpet.


Compare the carpets from other floor coverings

You can compare the carpets from other floor coverings. No other floor covering can match the carpets in any way, be it aesthetic or durability. Research and personal experiences of others have shown the benefits of carpets over other floor coverings.

Carpets are visibly beautiful and most durable material in the world of floor covering. Carpets are like an asset for an individual and as time passes it adds the value to the customer’s personal asset.

Carpets also work as insulation for extreme weathers and at the same time give a soft and comfort feel of mild nature as handmade carpets are generally made by natural materials.

Carpets can be helpful to avoid physical injuries while walking on the floor covered by carpets. Carpets are safe place for kids to play on.